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Prince of Foxes

Prince of Foxes

Year: 1949

Genres: Adventure,Drama,History

Countries: USA

Votes: 504

Rating: 6.8

Cast: Ambrogi Adriano; Asherman Alan; Aylmer Felix; Bradley Leslie; Carney James; Ciannelli Eduardo; Corsaro Franco; Deckers Eugene; Faeti Giuseppe; Lang Kenneth; Latasha Albert; Njntsky; Power Tyrone; Serberoli Alex; Sloane Everett; Sundeen Clinton; van Hulzen Joop; Welles Orson; Berti Marina; Brauer Eva; Dudarova Ludmilla; Hendrix Wanda; Lennart Rena; Lualdi Antonella; Paxinou Katina; Vanghielova Ves; Welter Ariadna; Siegel Sol C.; Krims Milton; Shellabarger Samuel; Shamroy Leon; Newman Alfred; Novarese Vittorio Nino; King Henry; McLean Barbara; Brachetto Teresa


Storyline: In 1500, Duke Cesare Borgia hopes to marry his sister (widowed by poison) to the heir apparent of Ferrara, which impedes his conquest of central Italy. On this delicate mission he sends Andrea Orsini, his sister’s lover and nearly as unscrupulous as himself. En route, Orsini meets Camilla Verano, wife of the count of Citta’ del Monte (Borgia’s next intended conquest); and sentiment threatens to turn him against his deadly master, whom no one betrays twice…
Andrea Zoppo, a well-educated commoner, masquerades as a member of the noble Orsini family and wins favor with the ambitious and Machiavellian Cesare Borgia, who, with his equally corrupt sister Lucrezia, hopes to become the most powerful force in Renaissance Italy. Orsini, along with Belli, another erstwhile nobleman and assassin, ingratiates himself with seventy year-old Count Verano, the ruler of the fortified town of Citta del Monte. Over the next few months as the fatherless Orsini becomes more and more impressed by the Count’s honor, nobility, and wisdom, he also becomes increasingly enamored with Camilla, Verano’s twenty year-old wife. Although she reciprocates his feelings, the younger woman remains faithful to her husband, and and doesn’t consummate them. When Borgia demands Varano cede troops to his service, the aging ruler puts the question to his subjects, who urge him to resist the tyrant. Orsini has a change of heart and aborts Belli’s planned assassination of the old count. Orsini then renounces his service to the Borgias and pledges himself to the cause of defending Citta del Monte against them.

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