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Invisible Agent

Invisible Agent

Year: 1942

Genres: Adventure,Comedy,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller,War

Countries: USA

Votes: 426

Rating: 5.9

Cast: Bassermann Albert; Borg Sven Hugo; Bromberg J. Edward; Bryar Paul; Burton John; Chandler Lane; Craven James; Curtis Donald; Denison Leslie; Dunn Eddie; Faust Martin; Flynn Charles; Foo Lee Tung; Guttman Henry; Hale Bobby; Hall Jon; Hardwicke Cedric; Herbert Holmes; Holland John; Litel John; Lorre Peter; Luke Keye; McVey Patrick; Merton John; Morin Alberto; Munier Ferdinand; Pagan William; Parker Eddie; Regan Charles; Reichow Otto; Ruhl William; Schumann-Heink Ferdinand; Schumm Hans; Scott Wallace; Shumway Lee; Stone Milburn; Tetley Walter; Van Zandt Philip; Visaroff Michael; Warren Phil; West Pat; Willis Matt; York Duke; Zilzer Wolfgang; Zimmerman Victor; Zynda Henry; Colcord Mabel; Massey Ilona; Lloyd Frank; Waggner George; Siodmak Curt; Wells H.G.; White Lester; Salter Hans J.; West Vera; Marin Edwin L.; Curtiss Edward


Storyline: Frank Raymond, grandson of the original Invisible Man, still has the old formula but considers it too dangerous to use, even when Axis agents try to get it. But Pearl Harbor brings him to volunteer his own services as an invisible agent in Germany. Though a bit cold (clothes aren’t invisible), his adventures are more comedy than thriller (with occasional grim reminders) as he makes fools of Nazi officials and romances a luscious double agent, in search of Hitler’s secret plan…
Frank Raymond changed his name and took up a life as the owner of a printing shop in order to distance himself from his former identity: as the grandson of the man who invented the formula for invisibility but ended up shot down by the police. Unfortunately, it’s wartime and the formula is coveted by both the Allies and the Axis. Axis spies discover Frank’s true identity and force him to leave the shop. Frank believes the formula is too dangerous for any government to possess. But after Pearl Harbor, he agrees to give it to Washington D.C. on one condition: that he be allowed to become an invisible spy. Soon, Frank is behind enemy lines, romancing a beautiful double agent and playing pranks on Nazi officials. But his work is deadly serious. He soon learns of Hitler’s secret plan against the United States.

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